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"I was in the middle of radiotherapy and tried the tabs (AS Saliva Orthana lozenges) myself with a good result!"

Ruth Lovering
Dental Therapist

"Dry mouth? Do not worry! A.S Saliva Orthana spray will do the job. It ‘s fantastic and saves carrying around a bottle of water!! No horrid taste either, that’s very important."

Former Throat Cancer patient Liz Occleshaw
Bexhill, West Sussex

Dry Mouth occurs when there is a significant reduction in the production of saliva.


Dry Mouth is most commonly a side effect of prescribed medication or treatment for another complaint such as:

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy to the head and neck
Sjögren's syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
Stroke or Parkinson's disease
Alzheimer's disease
Nerve damage

In these cases saliva substitutes are most commonly used to provide patients with soothing relief. Less severe cases of dry mouth may also be caused by:

Breathing through the mouth
Drinking alcohol

In these instances prevention is always better than cure; however, you can control dry mouth with the use of moisturising mint lozenges.

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